Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ryusei no Rockman versions finalised

As you may not know,
We're big fans of Rockman (megaman outside of japan) and we've got some new info on the new game, Ryusei no Rockman [Rockman of the Meteor].
Capcom have released new pictures confirming the names of the 3 different versions it will be released in and the special rockman versions that are unique to each one.
These are:
Ryusei no Rockman - Dragon

Ryusei no Rockman - Leo

Ryusei no Rockman - Pegasus

We'll be getting some more info for you on this game soon
Untill then,
For more info on the new rockman game, you can see it here:
Capcom's Offical Ryusei no Rockman page


At 10:02 PM GMT, Blogger Alexander Echizen said...

HOLY...O_O YAY!!! MEGAMAN OF THE METEOR..>:3 SO COOL! I'll definitally be searching for updates frequently ^_^ thank you so much for finding this! :p


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