Saturday, September 16, 2006

London Games Festival

Here's a good bit of news for UK readers!
From the 2nd of October, the London Games Festival begins.

"The London Games Festival is designed to engage and immerse everyone wanting to be a part of this modern cultural and entertainment experience. Events will be tailored to appeal to different audiences, from families and children to the hard-core gaming communities." - From the London Games Festival website.
Spanning the entire week, various industry events and public events for all types of gamers take place at several London locations (mainly or entirely located within central London).

I will be attending several events on the schedule and reporting on what's going on.
Remember to check back here during the festival for news and reports.

Follow the link for more information on the London Games Festival:

  • London Games Festival Hompage

    At 9:23 AM GMT, Blogger Alexander Echizen said...

    Wow, this feels good ^_^ I feel like we can learn alot by doing this! Thanks for the update, I'll be posting updates on various things as I hear them ^_^ heh, A games festiva in london? That sounds great! I wish I could be there..^_^


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