Saturday, September 16, 2006

Europe Wii Release details!

Well, this post may be a bit late in the day but as some of you may know, the press conference that was held by nintendo somewhere in east london revealed the finalised date and price of the Wii.
Priced at £179, the Wii will be released on the 8th of December (plenty of time before christmas!) in a bundle pack with:
1 Wii Remote
1 "Nunchuk" attachment
1 Sensor Bar
1 Sensor Bar Stand
1 Console Stand
Wii Sports!
Nintendo of Europe also revealed today that the games released for Wii will be region-locked and not region free as other nintendo representatives may have "revealed" earlier in the week.
Well, can you wait until the 8th of December?


At 9:49 AM GMT, Blogger Alexander Echizen said...

:D I definitally cat wait! I'm kinda mad that its region locked, and the price is substancially higher than I had originally thought...-_- but its still not bad at all :D thanks for the info, dood!

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